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Bespoke Joinery

MG Joinery are equipped to construct virtually anything you require, from fitted domestic furniture to shop fronts. Our expert craftsmen have the experience and skills in architectural joinery to take designs from concepts to your desired end product. We manufacture bespoke joinery products in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, allowing all your needs to be met in a convenient location.

When it comes to specialist joinery, we are experts in delivering high quality products, and aim to exceed your expectations, every time.


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We design and build tailor-made staircases to suit your home, budget and requirement – and add a touch of elegance and individuality.

Complex and tricky staircase designs are our speciality. We can take designs from architects or help you design your own staircase. Or we can visit your property and recommend the most suitable style for your home. We construct staircases in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles.

All of our staircases are first assembled in our workshop to ensure everything fits perfectly, and then delivered to your property in a kit form. This reduces the time required on site, as well as the mess created.

Custom Skirting and Architrave

Here at MG Joinery we manufacture and install bespoke mouldings of the highest quality.

Mouldings can be copied and designed using a variety of materials, ranging from solid timber to moisture resistant fibre board. We can work with you to match existing mouldings, or create bespoke designs.

MG Joinery has the capabilities and expertise to deal with a variety of more complex designs, involving curved architrave and skirting. We have moulded and installed all sorts of skirting and architrave for our clients, always delivering to the highest standard.

Shop Fronts

Is your shop premises looking tired? Are you setting up a new venture? Do you need a bespoke shop front to suit? Here at MG Joinery we specialise in constructing traditional and modern, high-quality handmade shop fronts, all finished to suit your requirements.

We pride ourselves on the quality and range of responsibly-sourced timber we offer. We select every piece by hand. This ensures the durability and flexibility. To top it off we use top-quality fittings to make sure that your shop-front is of the highest quality.

Showing this care and attention to detail to every piece we make, helps us ensure we provide the best customer satisfaction, no matter how large or small the project.

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